DIY: crafting handmade baby girl card

handmade baby girl card

handmade baby girl card

I recently handcrafted this baby card (almost) entirely from decorate scraps & materials I had lying around. I like to repurpose materials.

Materials: 1 – Colored card stock paper (a lighter color works the best)
1 – Patterned paper (for card borders or other accent blocks on envelope)
1 – Another color (to cut out geometric shapes)
2 – 6″ string (for the stringed look with letters)
2 – Decorative cut-outs or stickers (like the magenta button on the card, or the pin on the envelope)
Other miscellenous items: White liquid glue, tape, letter stamps (or colored markers)

Card:This is a postcard-type card (no bend or fold).

1.  Take the colored card stock paper and cut dimensions that are slightly smaller than the envelope. Tip: Use a lighter color card stock paper because it’s easier to read the written message.

2.  Framed border: Take scraps of patterned paper and measured the length and width of the card. Glue the strips to the edges of the card.

3.  Words: Cut out square and triangle shapes and used letter stamps. (Handwriting the letters with markers work just as well, if letter stamps aren’t present) Make sure the shapes cut will fit on the card.

4.  Stringed Look: I used 6″ of flat colored string . Before taping the ends behind the card, first place the string on the card to see where you like the letters to be placed.

5.  Stamp the letters or write the letters on the geometric shapes. Glue them into place on the card.  It’s ideal to first space them out to see the overall look before gluing.

6.  Accents: Use your creative instincts to glue the cut-outs or stickers on the card/envelope.

7.  Write your message!

It’s always a nice touch to craft my own envelopes. I use this Paper Source template for envelope ($15) and liners ($12.50). Possibilities are endless.

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