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The hunt is over.

Finally found Mochi Cream in So Cal! I first had Mochi Cream from a friend that purchased these delights in SF and I’ve been searching for them ever since. This Mochi Cream store is located in the Torrance Mitsuwa Japanese market. I’ve always been a fan these Japanese sticky rice delights. Traditionally, they are made of mochi rice and pounded into a paste and molded into various shapes, usually round. It became mainstream in the American market with mochi ice cream.

Back to Mochi Cream… these little guys are imported frozen from Japan and have excellent texture, taste and flavors. It takes about 15 minutes to thaw out and is ready to consume. They are $1.80 each and come in dozens of flavors like Sakura, Red Bean, Green Tea, Double Mango Cream, Mocha, Black Sesame, among others.

My favorites:
{ Double Mango Cream } Mango-flavored mochi filled with mango concentrate and cream. This left me wanting more.
{ Black Sesame } Black sesame-infused mochi filled with black sesame paste and cream.
{ Green Tea } Green tea flavored mochi filled with green tea paste and cream, all coated in matcha green tea powder. A bit messy because the powder tends to blow everywhere, but delicious!

I saw they also had donut shaped ones in the display case! I’ll have to make another trip out to Torrance…

Mochi Cream Torrance (21515 Western Ave., Torrance, CA 90501). Located in the Mitsuwa Japanese market.mochi cream

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    • jennifer says:

      I love mochi too! These are possibly best in the area. If you ever visit LA, make sure you make a stop by Mochi Cream!

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