tips: wedding inspiration using google images

wedding inspiration via it's jou life over Pinterest, there’s a new inspiration board in town. My new favorite source for design inspiration is Google Images. Google is not only a noun and a verb, but also moonlights as an inspiration board of beautiful images to suit any style. It works sort of like an image search engine. Smartie Google uses algorithms to track down “visually similar images” that the user drags or uploads into the search box on Google Images.

This revolutionizes the way we search for photos or images.

I’ve been on a kick lately and looking for design and color inspirations for my wedding. I’ve been researching into color schemes and seeing what are the options for decor and florals. From the Google Image search above, possibilities are endless!

yellow gray wedding via it's jou life

Take this lovely photograph taken by Brandon Kidd. All you have to do is open Google Images in a new window, and then drag the photo above from this window into the search box. (If you’re not using Chrome, have to right-click on the image, save it to your computer, and then use the camera icon on the right side of the search box on Google Images to upload the picture.)

google image via it's jou life’s what you’ll see next:

using google image search via it's jou life are your image search results. Easy. You didn’t even have to describe in words of what you’re looking for in Google search. Just drop in/upload a photo you’re inspired with and Google delivers you with exceptional images and a wealth of design options! I’m going to make a Google-inspired wedding.

{ DIY } craft letters for engagement shoot

We had a craft attack last week. In preparation for our e-shoot we prepared decorative craft letters as props. We bought the paper mache craft alphabet letters from Paper Source. They sell the whole alphabet in capital and lower case letters (also ampersand)! They are lightweight and the perfect paper material to be creative. You can decorate with paint, glitter, paper–possibilities are endless!

diy craft letters via it's jou life blog

Materials needed:

– Paper Mache Craft Alphabet Letters: We bought ours from Paper Source.

– Pattered Paper: We bought a beautiful patterned sheet of paper from Paper Source.

– Acrylic Paint: Colors that are similar to the paper you desire to wrap the letters in.

– Foam brushes

– Lead pencil & eraser

– Glue: We used a fabric glue that was strong and quick dry. All-purpose glue should be fine.

– Scissors & a Razor

Total time: If you’re a perfectionist, around 3-4 hours.

diy craft letters via it's jou life blog craft letters via it's jou life blog craft letters via it's jou life blog craft letters we bought from Paper Source only come in a natural brown cardboard color. We decided to wrap decorative Paper Source paper around our letters for a unique look. A good tip we read online is to prep the letters with colored paint that is similar colors to the decorate paper. We bought these super cheap Craft Smart Acrylic Paint from Michael’s craft store, along with the foam brushes. Prepping it with paint is a good idea in the case there are “gaps” near the seams. The like-colored paint will be more seamless where the would-be brown gaps are. We painted several coats of yellow, since the color was so light and translucent. No need to soak the foam brush in water, just start painting in full-strength. (Don’t mind the brown empty spots above, my fingers were holding those spots and had to wait until everything dried before completely covering the missing spots)

diy craft letters via it's jou life blog craft letters via it's jou life blog is the tricky part. We lightly traced a dotted line of the letter (with a lead pencil) onto the front decorative side of the paper. We also turned the letter to it’s side and traced the side with a solid line. Then cut at the solid line and folded at the dotted lines. This way, there are “flaps” and that are folded. The flaps should cover the sides of the letter to create a seamless look on the front side. We went back and lightly erased the dotted lines since it was slightly visible. Then glue the paper cut-out to the paper mache. Repeat on the flip side. The inside parts of the “W” had open spots, so strips that were measured to the width of the letter were cut and glued for a seamless effect. For paper that extends off the edges, use a razor to lightly slice it off.

Finished product!

diy craft letters via it's jou life blog

manicure monday: a zoya jelly orange-red

So Wayne and I had our engagement shoot over the weekend and thought it’d be fun to add a pop of color to my nails. I went for a Zoya bright orangey-red color called Kate by The Small Things Blog. From the bottle to the nails, I love this vibrant color and jelly-licious finish.

Zoya color: Kate by The Small Things Blog via It's Jou Life Blog Usual Suspects via It's Jou Life Blog is my usual steps to ensure long-wearing and chip-free nails.

1. Revlon Colorstay Base Coat: Apply one thin coat and let dry. This bad boy is a must before applying any type of nail color. It creates a smooth base before applying polish and acts like a protectant barrier between the nail bed and color. This helps most in more saturated colors like deep reds  or dark colors from staining your nails. I like this Revlon brand because the dual brush covers more nail surface in one sweep. Easy and quick.

2. Color: Apply one thin coat and let dry. Repeat. Depending on the nail color, sometimes I repeat this step a third time with lighter, more translucent colors.

3. Sephora by OPI Top Coat: It’s important to make sure your color has thoroughly dried. Nothing is worse than applying top coat on semi-wet nails. Top coat is another must for me. It creates a seal for your color, shine, and protects it from chipping.

4. Sally Hansen Salong Manicure Quick & Dry Drops: This is a newly added product to my usual steps. I tried it for the first time over the weekend and really like it. This brilliant product dries polish in 60 seconds! These drying drops also help prevent smudges and dings. How it works: with just a couple drops, nails are dry to the touch in 60 seconds and completely dry in 5 minutes. Vitamin E and Jojoba formula helps hydrate and nourish dry cuticles.

{ jou eats } lukshon in culver city

chicken pops via it's jou life - eggplant via it's jou life - dan noodles via it's jou life - pork ribs via it's jou life -

Lukshon reinvents the dining cuisine “Asian Fusion.” Lukshon delicately and tastefully infuses the tastes I love from Southeast Asian cuisine with modern American dishes.

Wayne and I were first hooked when we came for dinner during dineLA. Heart it so much that another time I dined both lunch and dinner in the same day! Over the years we’ve seen Lukshon on the dineLA list and–it certainly fed to impress!

Lukshon plates are a mixture of small and large plates and served family style.

We’ve come for lunch and dinner–here are some of our favorites:
– Tea Leaf Salad – loved the flavor, texture and ingredients in this salad! Slivers of crisp cabbage, the crunch of toasted marcona almonds, peanuts and chana dal peas–I couldn’t put my chopsticks down! I shoved it into my mouth.
– Crispy Soft Shell Crab – I’m happiest eating fried foods, crispy soft shell crab especially. It was served with some sambal kecang (peanut sauce) and corn.
– Spicy Chicken Pops – what’s more fun than eating food on a stick? These chicken pops were beautiful. The meat was sliced and peeled back from the bone to create a lollipop-like look. These drumettes were tastefully covered in garlic, kecap manis (Indonesia sweet soy sauce) and spicy sichuan salt.
– Chinese Eggplant – thick cuts of eggplant “fries” paired with fennel raita and tomato sambal. It’s creamy and flavorful.
– Dan Dan Noodles – a spicy dry noodles dish! Perfectly cooked noodles topped with a mixture of ground kurobuta pork, sesame, preserved mustard greens, Sichuan peppercorns and peanuts. Mix this baby together and it’s a guarantee flavor fest of spicy goodness.
– Steamed Black Cod – a hearty cod fillet in a spicy citrus broth.
– Kurobuta pork ribs – Finger-licking good status. Pork ribs flavored with spicy chicory coffee bbq sauce.

Service was attentive and professional. My eyes lit up when she said a dessert trio was included with our meal. Dessert to my ears!

The restaurant space is unique–the outdoor, fire-lit patio to the slanted doors to the Asian-inspired bathroom.

Lukshon (3239 Helms Ave., Culver City, CA 90232 | (310) 202-6808). Located in Culver City along Helms Ave. btwn Venice and Washington Blvd.