tips: wedding inspiration using google images

wedding inspiration via it's jou life over Pinterest, there’s a new inspiration board in town. My new favorite source for design inspiration is Google Images. Google is not only a noun and a verb, but also moonlights as an inspiration board of beautiful images to suit any style. It works sort of like an image search engine. Smartie Google uses algorithms to track down “visually similar images” that the user drags or uploads into the search box on Google Images.

This revolutionizes the way we search for photos or images.

I’ve been on a kick lately and looking for design and color inspirations for my wedding. I’ve been researching into color schemes and seeing what are the options for decor and florals. From the Google Image search above, possibilities are endless!

yellow gray wedding via it's jou life

Take this lovely photograph taken by Brandon Kidd. All you have to do is open Google Images in a new window, and then drag the photo above from this window into the search box. (If you’re not using Chrome, have to right-click on the image, save it to your computer, and then use the camera icon on the right side of the search box on Google Images to upload the picture.)

google image via it's jou life’s what you’ll see next:

using google image search via it's jou life are your image search results. Easy. You didn’t even have to describe in words of what you’re looking for in Google search. Just drop in/upload a photo you’re inspired with and Google delivers you with exceptional images and a wealth of design options! I’m going to make a Google-inspired wedding.

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