meet bentley (our new furkid) !

We’ve added a new member to the Jou family! It’s been my lifelong dream to have a dog and Wayne helped me make it happen. We adopted a 3 year-old cocker spaniel + poodle mix from the wonderful organization, Wags and Walks. He’s been a wonderful furball of joy! We named him Bentley (the street name of our old apartment). Doesn’t he remind you of the dragon from the Neverending Story dragon, Falkor?

He’s so sweet, gentle, loving, well-trained and adorable! He loves people, walks well on leash, the occasional fetch, belly rubs and (dog) socially awkward. He tends to go nuts when he sees other dogs. He shows intense playful interest by wagging his tail and gets down close to the floor, but as the dog approaches he panics by lunging with the occasional growl. (We think he was bullied or attacked by other dogs in the past). We plan to take him to training school so we can learn from each other and he can get to know dogs of all sizes. Let me know if you have any good articles to read or recommended trainers/training schools.

We’ve only had him for a few weeks and look forward to seeing his personality grow as he gets used to us and his new home!

Bentley_2 Bentley