Day 3 // Set Email/Phone Boundaries | Birchbox Challenge

With the start of the new year the challenge is not only the act of keeping resolutions, but understanding how to permanently change the behavior by making good habits and breaking the bad ones.

The Day 3 Birchbox Challenge is to Set Email/Phone Boundaries. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve passed out with my phone in my hand (even though I always laugh at my brother for doing the same), wake up in the middle of the night to check Groupon deals and texting under the table during family dinner time. Horrible, I know. It’s the many habits I’ve been meaning to break.

I’m taking a different approach with the help of Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness ProjectRubin recommends using what she calls the ‘strategy of clarity’ to create some guidelines for when you won’t check it or phone placement.

First, identify why you want to set boundaries, like “I want to be present and engage in meaningful conversation” or “I need better sleep at night.” Then set a shut down hour (say 30 minutes before dinner) or the phone placed far away from the bedside table (to avoid an arm’s reach.) Clearly establishing why you’re not checking your inbox will make it much easier to power down during those times.

About the Birchbox Challenge

Birchbox teamed up with a panel of all-star experts to bring a 31-day challenge to make 2015 your healthiest, happiest, most gorgeous year ever. I’m joining Birchbox on this month-long challenge and will share my success with #BirchboxChallenge. Make sure to also enter for their daily prize giveaways. Let’s do this together!

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