Day 5 // Become a Morning Warrior | Birchbox Challenge

I’d like to say I’m a selective morning person. I enjoy waking up early on the weekends–make tea, journal, go to the gym and even declutter my desk. As for the weekday, after hitting snooze three times, I drag myself out of bed with just enough time to brush my teeth and wash my face before bolting out the door for work.

I keep telling myself I should wake up earlier during the work week to make time to quiet my heart, energize my body and mentally prepare for a full day. I’ve been trying these three powerful yoga poses from the Day 5 // Become a Morning Warrior from the Birchbox Challenge and been getting a jumpstart on my day and feeling invigorated.

This three-pose yoga sequence from Masumi Goldman and Laura Kasperzak, the brains (and muscle) behind Two Fit Moms, will leave you feeling peaceful and centered. Plus, you’ll get a gentle flexibility and strength workout just minutes after you roll out of bed. Each of these fundamental yoga poses stretches and strengthens your muscles in a short period of time. Once you’re familiar with each of the poses and can hold each pose for five full breaths, repeat the sequence at a faster pace. Remember to practice the poses on both sides of the body.


About the Birchbox Challenge

Birchbox teamed up with a panel of all-star experts to bring a 31-day challenge to make 2015 your healthiest, happiest, most gorgeous year ever. I’m joining Birchbox on this month-long challenge and will share my success with #BirchboxChallenge. Make sure to also enter for their daily prize giveaways. Let’s do this together!

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