Pets // Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

Happy Adoption Anniversary, Bentley! Now, how old are you, REALLY?

Crazy to believe it’s already been over a year since we rescued our furkid through Wags and Walk’s pop-up event at The Grove. Read that post here. Wayne and I were both first-time dog owners and weren’t exactly sure what to expect, except that we both share the love of furry friends, wanted to adopt and were ready to be responsible dog owners.

Who Rescued Who? When we thought we were rescuing Bentley through adoption, it turns out it is he who rescued us.

Be social and meet new friends: Bentley has a social life worthy of a Kardashian (minus the drama + selfies). We are normally reserved individuals and keep to ourselves, but we are now more social with others in the community because Bentley insists on saying hello to every person and dog we pass by. He encouraged us to talk to other dog owners and (surprise!) we’ve met a handful of people that we genuinely like and hang out with.

He’s Just Like Us! Some say dogs take after their owners and Bentley’s personality mirrors ours. He’s calm, yet alluring. Friendly, yet selective. Brilliant and Behaved. Loyal and Lovable. Helps others and believes in the best in people. He’s the type of dog that if you tell once to not jump on the bed or couch, he won’t do it again. When the 6am alarm goes off, he quietly walks over and waits for us to wake up for his sunrise walk. There are times he’s already wide awake before 6am, just staring at us, waiting patiently for us to wake up.

#neighborhoodwatch: Bentley walks at least three miles a day—sunrise, afternoon and night. We’re more aware of our surroundings in the community and alert security if anything is out of the ordinary. We joke that we’re the unofficial neighborhood watch, but it’s true. We also appreciate the beautiful weather that Southern California offers. Love our city.

Patience + Trust + Faith: Bentley taught us about life and basic human interactions–patience, trust, faith. When we first got Bentley, he was reactive to other dogs and may have been traumatized. After weeks of reading about shelter dogs and YouTubing the Dog Whisperer dog-training videos, we implemented what we learned. But what worked most was having pure patience and truly trusting him. With time he realized we’re his home and won’t abandon him. Trust and Faith go hand in hand. In order to trust, you have to have faith he’ll do the right thing. In order to have faith, you have to trust in the unseen and let go. Not knowing what to expect he’d do without a watchful eye, the first week we crated him while we were at work. We soon realized this dog is special–he’s understanding, obedient and smart. We took that leap of faith, trusted in him  and let him roam freely around (without supervision!) Guess what, he didn’t destroy our home! To this day, he remains crate-free in our home.

Responsibility: Caring for Bentley is a big commitment. Beyond his 3-mile a day walks and feeding him on time, we brush his teeth + fur, wash him weekly, doctor visits, bake him healthy treats, plan our events and travels around his care and carve out time in our day to play fetch and have cuddle time. It’s because we want him to live a fulfilled and comfortable life. He’s our four-legged kid. Despite all the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, he also brings us immense joy.

Unconditional Love: No matter how long the workday is or challenges faced it’s always wonderful to come home to this delightful ball of fur. Just look at his smile and expressive eyes. He is always happy to see us and I’m surprised his tail hasn’t fallen off from wagging it so furiously. He always runs to us when we come through the door, follows us around from room to room, falls asleep everywhere wherever we are, waits patiently as we cook in the kitchen, senses our emotions and pleases in every way he can.

Bentley’s Purpose in Life: We’re convinced his purpose in life is to be a therapy dog and volunteer at children’s hospitals and convalescent homes. His has a calming demeanor, smart, uses his barks wisely and brings joy to all those who meet him.

He captured our hearts.

We’ve been truly lucky to have met this gentle creature through adoption. Much like humans, every animal has a story and just wants to love and be loved. Although we don’t know Bentley’s history, how old he is (vet thinks he’s six) or what he’s been through, we love him. What’s the secret? To have faith, patience, good intention, love and trust on your side.

It was love at first sight. We followed our hearts to want to save this pup and turns out he’s the one that saved us.

Cheers to many more years of learning, living and loving.

About Wags & Walks

Wags and Walks is a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles. We’ve gotten to know founder, Lesley, and her team, and Wags and Walk is a wonderful organization serving with a purpose. Lesley’s passion for animals is undeniable and as a daughter of a vet, she left a comfortable, successful career to start this organization because so many animals are euthanized due to overpopulation in the shelters. Their mission and core values: choosing good, family-friendly dogs based on temperament rather than breed. Get involved. Adopt, foster, or donate. Together we can change the world, one dog at a time…

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

meet lesley + bentley

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption //

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