Sweat Yoga studio in Santa Monica

Sweat Yoga studio in Santa Monica | itsjoulife.com

My mat and me time. The sweat will be dripping, the inner peace building, the music capturing the soul. Hot yoga at Sweat Yoga studio in Santa Monica isn’t just a powerful and purposeful workout, it’s a rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. I call it my morning therapy.

I’ve been consistently coming to Sweat Yoga in the early AM for the past several months and have seen a difference in toning my body, strength, calming my mind, and setting up my workday. Hot yoga strengthens, balances and detoxifies my entire body and mind as I move through challenging postures and connected breath. Turn stress = sweat.

Here are my Sweat Yoga studio highlights:

  • Come early, morning and evening classes are always crowded. The instructors always start out with an enjoyable and relatable story; is friendly, encouraging and sometimes hands on; has a calming voice that doesn’t lull me to sleep; and plays an eclectic mix of awesome music beats (think The Weeknd’s “Often” and Sylvan Esso’s “Coffee”). Fave instructors are: Paige Yeaton, Zoe Welch, and Brittny McCarthy.
  • Class format is engaging and creative: typically learn movements in a vinyasa flow, go through it guided by the instructor a few times, and then at your own pace, continue through a few more rounds. There is room for creativity as the environment is encouraging of exploring new moves and positions.

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DIY Makeup Bag

DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com

the perfect diy makeup bag (mini boxy shape)

If I can make this DIY makeup bag, you can too. This makeup bag is inspired by wanting to give a handmade, practical, and stylish gift to my loved ones during the holidays. I customized the colored zippers with the gift recipient’s favorite color. Thanks, Say Yes, for this beautiful tutorial.


Two coordinating fabric (one is preferably upholstery weight), Zipper, Coordinating thread, Pins, Sewing Machine, Scissors, Ruler

DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com

  • STEP 1: Cut two pieces of each fabric choice. Each piece should be 5 1/2 x 9 1/2
  • STEP 2: Lay one of the outer fabrics face up on your table, and set the zipper on top, face down so the top edge meets the top edge of the fabric. Then lay one of your lining pieces right side down to meet the top edge as well.
  • STEP 3: Pin along that top edge so all three pieces are attached.
  • STEP 4: Baste with needle and thread and then sew with your zipper foot along that top edge. Move your outer fabric so it’s on the outside, right side up.
  • STEP 5: Now place the second lining fabric right side up on your table, then sandwich the pieces you just sewed in between, and finishing with the second outer piece right side down on top.
  • STEP 6: Pin, baste and sew with the zipper foot on the top edge like you did for the other side.
  • STEP 7:  After sewing, iron the outer pieces flat, and then fold them together so the outer pieces are right side together and lining pieces sandwiching them.
  • STEP 8: Pin at the opposite side of the zipper and sew along that bottom edge.
  • STEP 9. Move the zipper to the middle, unzip it halfway and sew along those two sides, through the zipper (pinch the zipper together when you’re sewing through it).
  • STEP 10: Pinch each edge in and measure with your ruler 2 1/2 inches across.
  • STEP 11: Mark with a pen that line and then pin next to the it. Sew along the line you drew and then snip off the triangle end. Do the same for all four sides.
  • STEP 12: Fold it inside out, so the outer pieces are on top and you’re done!

This DIY tutorial is from Say Yes, a crafty and stylish lifestyle blog. See her full instructional post here.

DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com

DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com DIY Makeup Bag // itsjoulife.com