Life Resolutions For Growth & Happiness

10 Life Resolutions for Growth & Happiness // is here and I’ve always been an enthusiast of new year’s resolutions. However, resolutions shouldn’t only be made at the beginning of each year, but a continual practice throughout the year. Instead of writing resolutions for just this year, I compiled Life Resolutions that I can base yearly resolutions on.

As I enter into this year, it feels different. My mindset and perspectives have shifted for something more spiritual. I usually focus my resolutions on getting what I want instead of what I need. I’ve been inspired by Jonathan Edwards’ (d. 1758) resolutions he made as a young man and read at least once a week. It reminds me that setting goals shouldn’t always be focused on life wants, but on actions that are spiritually and soulfully nourishing.

As an advocate of self-improvement and personal maintenance, I immerse myself with quotes and verses before starting my day as well as reflecting upon my day before heading to bed. These are my Life Resolutions that will help set daily intentions to help focus my thoughts towards my overall goals. Although the below are broad resolutions, I hope to define practical applications and specific course of actions throughout the year. This is a discipline I hope to maintain over the years.

Ten Life Resolutions For Growth & Happiness

  1. Give Thanks // *Resolved, to make a habit of giving thanks for small things each day.
  2. Seek New Perspectives // Resolved, to seek new perspectives–choose kindness, love, and empathy towards loved ones and strangers alike.
  3. Know That I Am Loved // Resolved, to always remember I am far more lost than I ever imagined and I am far more loved than I ever dare hoped.
  4. Choose Joy // *Resolved, to fight for joy, and urge others in joyful perseverance.
  5. Focus on the Lord // Resolved, to know Christ and to defeat sadness and fear by setting my mind on God.
  6. Live with Purpose & Passion // *Resolved, if ever I shall fall and grow dull, so as to repent, refocus my thoughts on the Lord and fill my life with purpose and passion.
  7.  Battle My Demons // Resolved, to overcome self-imposed obstacles, believe in myself, and trust in the Lord.
  8. Read Scripture as My Spiritual Food // *Resolved, to study the Scriptures so steadily, constantly and frequently, as that I may find, and plainly perceive myself to grow in the knowledge of the same.
  9. Live for Eternal Purposes // *Resolved, to live each and every day at all times with the things of Eternity always on my mind and heart. Live for Eternal Purposes–may I not find joy in earthly things but in heavenly treasures.
  10. Remember Christ Gives My Strength // Resolved, if ever I shall struggle and suffer, to remember I can do all things through Christ who strengthens and gives me purpose.

* Adapted from Edwards’ list. Others are my own.

These resolutions can work for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. It’s about understanding basic human desires and needs. It’s about acknowledging the many blessings bestowed upon you. It’s about wanting less and needing more of what fuels your passion and purpose in life. It’s about choosing kindness and empathizing with others. It’s about being part of a safe, non-judgmental community that cares for each other. It’s about overcoming your fears, believing in your gifts, and sharing it. It’s about understanding that suffering isn’t always a curse, but a blessing in disguise for you to become stronger. Ultimately, it’s about wanting to become a better human every day and trusting that life has so much more to offer if you’re open to it.

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