My best kept beauty secrets

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There’s no magical vial that leads to the fountain of youth, however, the secret to having beautiful skin is easier and more obtainable than you think. Here are my 10 best kept beauty secrets that I’ve implemented into my lifestyle.

  1. Protect with SPF 30 sunscreen // The best anti-aging tip I’ve been advocating is sunscreen! I don’t just write and review about it, I actually wear a broad spectrum UVA/UVB of at least SPF 30 sunscreen every day. Read my sunscreen post, here.
  2. Wear a hat // Growing up I used to make fun of my mom looking like a beekeeper on sunny summer days. If you are to see my mom now, she has beautiful, smooth skin and does not look her age. At all. Now, you’d often find me in a lightweight long-sleeve and a hat, hoping I age as gracefully.
  3. Drink enough water // To be honest, this is a daily struggle for me. It’s easy if I’m at my desk sipping out of my rainbow sippy cup. When I’m out and about I take my water bottle and drink to stay hydrated. Find a water bottle that works for your lifestyle and make sure you take it everywhere with you.
  4. Regular exercise // I believe in the mantra sweat once a day. Not only is regular exercise important to staying physically healthy, it also helps your body detox. Simply moving allows your body to breathe, circulate, stretch, and sweat. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and as it perspires, many toxins are eliminated through the skin by sweating. Hot yoga is my go-to exercise for beautiful, glowing skin. Also, thank goodness for ClassPass. I wouldn’t have discovered my favorite fitness studios if it wasn’t for CP. There’s a discount off your first month! Sign up, here.
  5. Don’t touch or pick your face // If this is an annoying habit you can’t break, make sure you have someone swaddle you.
  6. Wash your face before you sleep // Don’t ever go to sleep without washing your face. Ever. Whether you wear makeup or not, the mixture of city pollutants and your natural face oils can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Ugh.
  7. Hydrate with a face mask // Regular use of a face mask is a must. Sheet masks have been my moisture savior. There are a plethora of sheet masks out on the market that targets various skin concerns. Pamper yourself at home with a cleansing, hydrating, or pore refining sheet masks. I get mine from Petaluma and Co.
  8. Heal with a face serum // I think of serums as vitamins for my face. Serums are jam-packed with essential nutrients and ingredients that address various skin concerns. I keep an eye out for products that contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydration.
  9. Eat clean // The food you choose to eat fuels your body and soul. Eating a well-balanced diet is imperative for nutrition, energy, and skin complexion. I always incorporate lean protein, green leafy vegetables, green juice, and healthy fats into my meals. I feel my best and have the energy to take on my day.
  10. Get enough ZzZzz //  The truth about beauty sleep is legit. Getting around 7-9 hours of shut-eye each night helps your body repair itself and recover while you snooze. Getting fewer wrinkles, a glowing complexion, brighter, less puffy eyes, happier mood, and productivity are all incentives to sleep more.
  11. (Bonus!) You are uniquely beautiful // TBH, perfect skin is mainly from winning the genetics lottery. However, you can improve your skin by making these healthy lifestyle choices. Resist the urge of comparing yourself to others and always remember: The greatest treasure is the beauty of the heart.

My best kept beauty secrets - Tip #1: Protect with SPF // It's Jou Life blog

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