Demo Day FAIL!

Where’s The TV Magic?

Demo day #FAIL //

According to HGTV, the first thing that happens after getting the keys to a older house is always demo day. After having watched countless hours of home improvement shows, we planned to have demo day the first weekend after we got the keys to our new home. Saturday morning rolls around and we excitedly head to our storage unit to gather our tools to begin our big project. But by the time we finished moving everything around to get to the tools that we packed in the very back of the storage unit, we were both sore, exhausted and ready for a break. After we finally packed everything in to the car, half the day was already over and we hadn’t even seen the house yet. Where’s the TV magic??

Floor planning

Our first big surprise at the house was from our super awesome realtors, Derek and John. They had dropped off a goodie cooler filled with sandwiches, drinks, chips and a Home Depot gift card. It was a much needed pick-me-up after the storage unit reality check. During lunch, we decided that it would be a good idea to create a floor plan of the house before we started any demolition. This would allows us to work on designing various aspects of the house without actually being in the house. Having a floor plan would also make working with various contractors easier since we could show them the layout and dimensions. So it turns out our initial planned demo day had turned in to floor plan day. We used a laser measure to measure every room in the house so we could draw a floor plan in Sketchup.

Sketchup model

Reality Check

One day in to our home renovation project and we already had to change plans. We were tired and sore and we hadn’t even remove a single thing from house yet. We had run head first in to reality. Whole house renovations are large projects that take time. Real time, not TV time. It’s important to plan ahead, but plans can change in an instant and it’s equally important to be flexible.

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2 thoughts on “Demo Day FAIL!

  1. Lucy says:

    Love that you’re posting about the reality of things! Things look so much easier on TV 🙂 Excited to follow along on this process.

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