Planning an IKEA Kitchen & 15% off IKEA Kitchen Sale

A glimpse into our kitchen’s future

IKEA Kitchen Plan -

We created mock-up of our kitchen using IKEA’s online planning tool

When we purchased our home, we knew we wanted to update the kitchen. That said, our second major demo project is to clear out the outdated (very old and possibly original) appliances, vent hood, and cabinets. We looked at a bunch of cabinet inspo on Pinterest and Houzz, but kept coming back to the simplistic and budget-friendly ones at IKEA. To our luck, there’s an IKEA Kitchen Sale going on. We did some pre-planning before making the trek over to our local store. After browsing the kitchen showrooms, we found what worked with us, and we started the process of planning our new kitchen. 

Bonus: Keep reading for details on how to save 15% on your kitchen with the IKEA Kitchen Sale going on (now through April 8, 2018)!


IKEA Kitchen Inspiration -

While IKEA cabinets aren’t the cheapest, they aren’t the most expensive either. We felt IKEA cabinets offers good value and combined with a 25-year limited warranty, who wouldn’t like that? We also like the styling and functionality of the IKEA design. IKEA offers a full arsenal of accessories (interior organizers, under-cabinet lighting, etc) designed to seamlessly integrate with their cabinets.


IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA has an online kitchen planner that helps you select and layout cabinets in 3D, but the tool is a little buggy and tends to crash randomly. All that is needed to get started is an accurate measurement of the kitchen area, including any windows and doors in the kitchen area.

tips for using the IKEA online kitchen planner

  1. Take an Inspo Trip – Visit an IKEA store and spend some time to browse the kitchen showrooms to get design ideas and inspiration. Take photos and notes of designs and features you would like to incorporate into your personal kitchen.
  2. Take Inventory – Take inventory of your kitchen supplies to get an idea of how many small, medium, and large items you have in order to choose the right mix of small, medium, and large drawers or shelves.
  3. Use Separate Browsers – Have a separate browser open on the website to browse the cabinet selection. We found it easier to view and explore the various cabinet options on the website vs through the kitchen planner tool.
  4. Save Often – When using the tool, remember to save often. The tool will freeze and crash randomly. So important!
  5. Use 3D Line View – One tip we learned from an IKEA associate is to use the “3D line view” instead of “Front 3D View” when viewing the design. Line view tends to run smoother and crashes less compared to the front view.

    IKEA Front View

    IKEA Line View

  6. Easily Accessible Planner Tool – The kitchen planner tool can be accessed in-store or at home. Your design is saved to IKEA’s server so you can make changes in store and view them at home and vice versa.
  7. Plan Ahead – Kitchen planning will take time. We recommend getting a quick tutorial on how to use the online planning tool at an IKEA store from an IKEA associate and then doing most of the design work in the comfort of your own home. From our experience, we visited IKEA at least twice during this process. 1st visit – Inspo trip then went home to plan out our kitchen using the online planning tool. Note: If you don’t want to plan it, you can pay a design fee and IKEA will help. 2nd visit – To finalize details and ask the IKEA associate questions (and troubleshooting issues) we had. When we placed our order in store we opted for IKEA to ship our cabinets. They definitely won’t fit into our car.
  8. Account for Kitchen Appliances – Don’t forget to take into account space for appliances when planning out your kitchen. Although most appliances have roughly the same standard dimensions, it’s a good idea to double check the dimensions of the actual appliances you plan to use.

IKEA Kitchen Sale – Get 15% Back

Get 15% back and free delivery at the IKEA Kitchen Event now through Sunday, April 8, 2018.

IKEA Kitchen Sale 15% off -


IKEA FAMILY members who spend $2000 or more (before tax) on a single IKEA kitchen purchase will receive 15% back on an IKEA Gift Card and free delivery. Offer valid Wednesday, February 28 – Sunday, April 8, 2018. Includes SEKTION cabinet frames, fronts, drawers, shelves, cover panels, molding, toekicks, legs, hinges, countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets, knobs and handles, UTRUSTA fixed interiors, UTRUSTA and OMLOPP countertop, interior glass door cabinet, and drawer lighting. LIMITED TIME ONLY. See for offer end date. Offer cannot be applied to prior purchases. Offer valid on purchases for residential use only. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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