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5 easy everyday eco-friendly tips - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1ns

Going eco-friendly is easier than you think

When it comes to going green, the little things add up. In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing a few of our easy everyday eco-friendly tips. Over the years we’ve been adjusting our daily lifestyle routines to cut back on our environmental impact. At first, it was difficult to remember stuff like BYO utensils and drinkware, but with some intention and preparation, we’ve adopted these eco-friendly lifestyle choices into lasting habits. 

See how BYO items, composting, and repurposing materials can make a positive impact on the environment and your creativity. Mother earth thanks you!

5 easy eco-friendly tips

REPURPOSE MATERIALS: Reusing food containers and repurposing catalogs/magazines as wrapping paper are one of our favorite sustainable tips. Here are two Trader Joe’s oatmeal containers we’ve repurposed to house pens and markers. We wrapped one with old wrapping paper and another with Anthropologie catalogs for that customized feel. We also like using perfume ads from magazines to make a decorative ribbon topper for small-ish gifts to add that wow-that-smells-so-good-but-where-is-it-coming from effect. Our creative minds go wild here with all the possibilities of repurposing materials.5 easy everyday eco-friendly tips - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1ns

BYO DRINKWARE & STRAWS: This is a newer habit we’ve been adopting and have seen its importance. We’re not really coffee drinkers, but we do love our milk tea and they usually come in tall plastic cups. So whenever we think we’ll be out grabbing boba, we’ll BYO drinkware and CAMPFY metal boba straw. 5 easy everyday eco-friendly tips - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1ns

BYO UTENSILS: We usually bring a set (or two) of reusable utensils with us when we go out. Jennifer keeps a mini metal set in her purse and a bamboo set in the car. We love that each set even has chopsticks! It comes super handy whenever we eat at Asian restaurants.5 easy everyday eco-friendly tips - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1ns

BYO BAG: Depending on where you live, your local grocery store charges for plastic bags. But did you know some establishments like Whole Foods and Target GIVE YOU MONEY BACK when you BYOB? The Asian in me rejoices at the sound of saving money! We always keep stacks of reusable bags in our cars. The big reminder is to make sure to replenish that stash of bags back into your car! 5 easy everyday eco-friendly tips - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1ns

COMPOST SCRAPS: We cook a lot at home and have loads of fruits and vegetable scraps. We have a “compost bin” (aka a mixing bowl) that sits on the kitchen counter or in the fridge, where we throw all our cuttings in. When it fills up, we dig a hole in the backyard and toss it all in. We’re all about building that nutritious soil. If you don’t have a yard, some local farmer’s markets will take your compost.5 easy everyday eco-friendly tips - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1ns

Some thoughts…

It’s understandable incorporating these eco-friendly tips don’t happen overnight. It’s about taking the first steps of education and awareness, incorporating a couple of lifestyle changes, and eventually establishing these daily habits for lasting sustainable living.

Every now and then we even realize we didn’t bring our reusable boba straw or cup to a shop, but we don’t beat ourselves up over it. We’re human and just as long as we’re striving to commit to this lifestyle is all that we ask of ourselves. 🙂

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5 easy everyday eco-friendly tips - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1ns

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