What We’re Currently Snacking On…

Getting our snacking on…

Here’s another edition of food favorites we’ve been enjoying lately. We’ve discovered loads of brands at the Natural Products Expo as well as being part of the New Hope Network Influencer Co-op. Here’s a shortlist of what we’ve been currently snacking on…

Origin 846 Ulfiltered First Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This generous glass of cold press EVOO has been lasting us a while even though we constantly reach for this when making our meals. Our current obsession is drizzling this over our avocado toast with a fried egg. We don’t use this for cooking, but mostly for making salad dressing and topping over toasts and Caprese salads.

Solely Fruit Jerky

Clean food. 1 ingredient: Organic Mango. Biting into this mango jerky reminds us of Hawaii. They have loads of other flavors that also have 1 ingredient or 2 at the most. Another fave flavor is the Organic Banana with Cacao (tastes like a chocolate-dipped banana). We like cutting the jerky into bite-size pieces to add to homemade trail mix.

Bou Miso Broth CubeS

This is a savory broth cube that saves us when we’re in a bind. When we’re craving soup and don’t have time to whip up a broth, this is when this baby comes in. This little guy is a single-serving cube packed with umami flavors from miso, seaweed, fish, and shiitake mushroom. To prepare, just mix a cube with a bowl of hot water and stir, stir, stir.

UbU Yuzu & Lotus Flower Sparkling Beverage

I love me some bubbly. Since I don’t drink alcohol, this sparkling beverage is packed with antioxidants, prebiotics, and electrolytes have been so refreshing in this summer heat. I also adore the Yuzu & Lotus Flower flavor. It also helps this no-nonsense beverage is free from sugar, sweeteners, and preservatives.

FTC: This post is NOT sponsored. PR samples are sent to us without any obligation to review. All opinions are our own.

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