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Our Finished Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Before & After via It's Jou Life blog - is precious so naturally, our master bedroom is a refuge where we rest, relax, and rejuvenate. This room became a priority to finish before our sweet baby came in January 2020 (she’s finally here by the time this post is published!).

The master bedroom is decent in size and what we envisioned in design is pretty simple–tranquil, bright, and airy. We painted the walls the same color as the entire house–a light, white/cool grey. We knew one of the master bedroom walls would be the only wall with wallpaper in the entire house.

Wallpaper: We actually had a difficult time finding the perfect wallpaper to go on the accent wall where our bed’s headboard is. We knew we wanted something gold, but not flashy; nature-y, but not green; delicate, but not feminine. It was during the Black Friday sale where we found this Anthropologie Gingko Reverie Wallpaper. It was perfect.Master Bedroom Before & After via It's Jou Life blog -

Wood Bed Frame: It was also during the Black Friday sale where we finally graduated from college-grad to real adults with an actual wood bed. Since we bought our mattress right before we got married, we were sleeping on a box spring. There was a decent deal going for this West Elm Modern Show Wood Bed. Hasta la vista, box spring! Having a real bed surprisingly made a difference in creating a more firm mattress feel, and in turn, better sleep. It also creates a more cohesive look to the master bedroom.

Patio Access & IKEA curtains: Another reason why we love this room is the patio access off the master bedroom. Not only is it convenient to open the patio door for fresh air, but it brings in tons of natural light. We bought a similar IKEA curtain system as we had at the condo for this house. It’s a dual-layer with a sheer and thicker curtain.

Master Bedroom Before & After via It's Jou Life blog -


Master Before & After

Master Bedroom Before & After via It's Jou Life blog -

Finished Master Bedroom

What we worked on for the Master Bedroom Fixer Upper: Removal carpet, demo drywall, install insulation, fix termite damaged wood, install recess lighting and electrical, replumbing, install new drywall, paint walls and new baseboards, install wood-look tile flooring, demo the closet system, removal the post, install IKEA PAX closet system.

IKEA PAX Closet System

We stuck with the original layout of the full wall master closet in the master bedroom. We demo the original closet and mirror doors because we wanted to make the space more functional. We’ve used the IKEA PAX closet system at our condo before, so we’ve designed and built the closet to meet our needs for this house. We adore the drawers and personalized the liner inserts to place jewelry, ties, belts, and other knick-knacks.

Master Bedroom Before & After via It's Jou Life blog -

Master Bedroom Before & After via It's Jou Life blog -

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2 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Before & After – Jou Fixer Upper

  1. Wynne says:

    Will you keep the closet “open” or do you plan on covering it up? For my own personal issues with focus, I would probably get curtains to close closet out of sight. This is a curiosity comment and not meant to come off negative. I think it looks perfectly fine, just for me I would prefer not to see my things unless I needed to, etc.

    • Jennifer says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Initially we thought about getting doors to cover our closet, but it was more than we were willing to spend. IKEA doors are more than we thought it would be! And by now we prefer the open look of it. It’d look much nicer if we had a capsule wardrobe, so our closet will resemble more of a minimalistic store.

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