5 Eco-friendly tips via It's Jou Life blog - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1s0

Earth Day is slightly different this year, but we’re feeling ever more grateful for the planet we call home. In honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing a few more of our easy everyday sustainable tips we’ve incorporated the past year.

Protecting our environment can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to going green, the little things add up. Over the years we’ve been adjusting our daily lifestyle routines to implement sustainable swaps to everyday items with an overarching goal to cut back on our environmental impact.



5 Eco-friendly tips via It's Jou Life blog - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1s0

Our goal this past year is to reduce our plastic consumption by buying in bulk. We have glass pump jars that we bought from IKEA and been refilling our hand soap, dish detergent, and stain remover into them. Since I couldn’t handle certain fragrances during pregnancy, we’ve been loving this unscented hand soap from the Grove Collaborative. Since having a baby, this Puracy stain remover is crucial to getting those annoying stains out.

Tip: If you don’t have glass dispensers, clean out your finished pump container, and repurpose that.


After discovering How2Recycle.info from a YouTube video, it blew our minds. We’ve learned not all packaging materials from an item can be recycled. Their labeling system clearly communicates recycling instructions on how and where to recycle properly.

Tip: Instead of throwing away those Amazon bubble wrap packages (since they can’t get recycled in curbside bins), we drop them off at a local location, like Kohl’s and Walmart, to get them recycled. Find your local drop-off location, here. Note: With COVID-19, we’ve been holding onto our plastic packages until stores re-open.


This is an easy swap since paper towels can be difficult to find these days. We use cloth napkins during meals, hand towels in the bathroom and kitchen, and micro-fiber towels for cleaning. When they’re dirty, we pop them in the washer.


Using silicone-based reusable bags and zippered pouches can take slightly more effort to clean, but it helps immensely with reducing plastic waste. Our friend gifted us this Full Circle reusable bag for housing our frozen bananas and this Lunchskins zippered pouch to transport our snacks.


5 Eco-friendly tips via It's Jou Life blog - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1s0

We just started incorporating these all-natural wool dryer balls from the Grove Collaborative to soften our laundry and cut down on drying time. All we do is toss the three balls into our dryer to get soft clothes without using harmful chemicals.

Tip: For a natural scent, we add 3-6 drops of our favorite essential oil to the wool dryer balls.

Another random tip: For those like us who still have dryer sheets or use dryer sheets, we’ve been collecting our used dryer sheets in a container to repurpose into “dust wipes.” We use them to wipe off dusty cabinets, baseboards, and other surfaces.


It’s understandable incorporating these sustainable tips don’t happen overnight. It’s about taking the first steps of education and awareness, incorporating a couple of lifestyle changes, and eventually establishing these daily habits for lasting sustainable living.

We still have dryer sheets we haven’t finished up, but will repurpose them to dust wipes. We still use plastic bags to freeze raw meat or pack freshly baked goods for loved ones. We’re human and just as long as we’re striving to commit to this lifestyle is all that we can ask of ourselves.

5 Eco-friendly tips via It's Jou Life blog - https://wp.me/p7RBMP-1s0

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