We Run DC


As if running the Nike Women’s Full Marathon in San Francisco last October wasn’t enough, we signed up for another race! This time it’s on the East Coast–Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC. We’re pumped and excited to run another race together and explore the sites of our nation’s capital.

Our goal is to finish 13.1 miles within 2 hours (sub 9-min mile). Wayne can definitely do it. I’m… hoping I can survive the pace for a LONG period of time. Ideally we want to average 8.5-9 minute miles. Either way, we’ve been in training mode.  I created a 11-week training schedule (below) with runs every other day, including a long run on the weekend. On our off-days we cross-train (xt) with spinning, circuit training classes, yoga and/or swimming. Our training runs aren’t too bad, but we’ll have to do speed intervals if we want to improve our time.

I had an awesome 7am spin class this morning. Now, I just want to eat. Pretty hungry right now.

1 Feb 10-16 rest 2 xt 3 xt / rest rest 4
2 Feb 17-23 rest 2 xt 3 xt / rest rest 5
3 Feb 24-Mar 2 rest 2 xt 3 xt / rest rest 6
4 Mar 3-9 rest 2 xt 3 xt / rest rest 8
5 Mar 10-16 rest 2 xt 3 xt / rest rest 5
6 Mar 17-23 rest 3 xt 3 xt / rest rest 9
7 Mar 24-30 rest 3 xt 3 xt / rest rest 11
8 Mar 31-Apr 6 rest 3 xt 3 xt / rest rest 9
9 Apr 7-13 rest 3 xt 3 xt / rest rest 11
10 Apr 14-20 rest 3 xt 3 xt / rest rest 9
11 Apr 21-27 rest 3 xt / rest 3 rest rest rest

Oystering in Tomales Bay

Life is complete.

Finally crossed this off our bucket list. Our good friends  graciously took us to Tomales Bay for some fresh oysters and BBQ feasting. We shucked ’em, grilled ’em and inhaled ’em! We learned from the oystering guru and Wayne quickly became pro status. He probably shucked 4 a minute. Me? 1 every 3 minutes.

Perfect weather, good friends, delicious eats.

These oysters were BBQ’d over the grill, shucked, seasoned with special bombdizzle Sartain’s sauce, and back onto the grill for infused flavor.

Welcome to It’s Jou Life !

couple wear

couple wear

{ Welcome to It’s Jou Life }

Hi! We’re Wayne and Jennifer, just two quirky people who found love in the most unexpecting place. This is our DIY / lifestyle blog–highlighting our smorgasbord of interests. Our friends always ask us how we grow our own organic vegetables, how did we make that cute zippered pouch, techniques for marathon training, what’s our recipe for zucchini bread, what to bring for a camping trip, what’s Jennifer’s favorite BB Cream brand? This is our way to share life’s loves.

Here’s a glimpse into our quirky lives.

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