What We’re Currently Snacking On…

Getting our snacking on…

Here’s another edition of food favorites we’ve been enjoying lately. We’ve discovered loads of brands at the Natural Products Expo as well as being part of the New Hope Network Influencer Co-op. Here’s a shortlist of what we’ve been currently snacking on…

Origin 846 Ulfiltered First Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This generous glass of cold press EVOO has been lasting us a while even though we constantly reach for this when making our meals. Our current obsession is drizzling this over our avocado toast with a fried egg. We don’t use this for cooking, but mostly for making salad dressing and topping over toasts and Caprese salads.

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What I’m currently snacking on…


I’m a snacker. It’s no secret once you open the doors of my pantry closet. I’m obsessed with discovering and trying new healthy, natural snacks.

Nature’s Bakery // Fig Bar

Last year I made the magical discovery of Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar. I’ve been in love ever since and buying it in bulk and sharing it with friends have been a favorite past time of mine. I got many hooked. My BFF describes it “as good as eating cake.” This is basically a glorified and healthy fig bar that made of stone ground whole wheat, non-GMO, no artificial flavors or colorings, vegan and Kosher Certified. Each pack comes with two bars and sometimes I have one pre and post workout. I always have a pack in my purse, office and work for when I’m hungry and on the go. The company, Nature’s Bakery, supports healthy conscious living and active lifestyles. They also make gluten-free bars. My favorite flavor is Apple Cinnamon.

Tip: You can buy Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars on Amazon (click on the link or the small thumbnail above) or buy it in bulk at Costco. It’s also sold at natural grocery markets like Whole Foods. With 110 calories per bar, this isn’t a low-calorie food. 



Day 8 // Outsmart Your Appetite for Sugar | Birchbox Challenge

My favorite healthy snacks #BirchboxChallenge Day 7 // via It's Jou Life blog - https://itsjoulife.wordpress.com/?p=1112

I have an insane sweet tooth. I crave chocolate (most) times of the day. Recently Compartes (those retro, gorgeous packaged, eccentric flavor chocolate bars) have been infiltrating into my thoughts. (Okay, sugar has already distracted me from the message of this post).

When chocolates and cupcakes beckon me, I tend to distract myself by eating a healthy alternative, take a 15 minute walk around the block or check my Instagram feed. Most of the time the urge will subside.

My favorite snack alternatives:

Apple & Natural Peanut Butter – I love the salty + sweet flavor combination. It reminds me of the healthier alternative to candied apples. The fiber of the apple and protein of the peanut butter make the perfect pairing of a nutritious and filling snack.

My favorite healthy snacks #BirchboxChallenge Day 7 // via It's Jou Life blog - https://itsjoulife.wordpress.com/?p=1112

Crackers & Cheese – My favorite crackers of the moment are Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Raisin (cheaper dupe is Trader Joes Raisin Rosemary Crisps) and any spreadable cheese.

My favorite healthy snacks #BirchboxChallenge Day 7 // via It's Jou Life blog - https://itsjoulife.wordpress.com/?p=1112

Trail Mix – I either buy it from Costco or make my own. Mixed nuts, especially walnuts are high in omega-3 and almonds help lower bad cholesterol. I like to add dried cranberries and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

About the Birchbox Challenge

Birchbox teamed up with a panel of all-star experts to bring a 31-day challenge to make 2015 your healthiest, happiest, most gorgeous year ever. I’m joining Birchbox on this month-long challenge and will share my success with #BirchboxChallenge. Let’s do this together!